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About Us

What began as mere research of Dr. Amoriza Gunnink into the type of education that provides a solid foundation for future academic success, turned into a full vision and implementation of a comprehensive early childhood program that combines the best of the educational philosophies. This advanced program developed and perfected in Canada is now licensed and applied with an Arubian warmth and flavor at My Kinderhouse Aruba by qualified and experienced teachers.


What We Offer

  • My Kinderhouse Aruba provides a lovely and open-concept classroom environment with quality educational and Montessori materials.


  • My Kinderhouse Aruba offers programming for children as young as two years old up to five year olds.


  • My Kinderhouse Aruba’s academic program provides: Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, Culture, S.T.E.M., History & Social Studies (Kindergarten) Outdoor Play, Sports, Gross & Fine Motor Practice, Character Formation, English and Dutch, Visual Arts, Music, and Drama all set within a comprehensive early childhood education program.


  • My Kinderhouse Aruba emphasizes creativity, quality educational programming and materials, learning within community and quality care.


  • My Kinderhouse Aruba focuses on both right and left brain development through its array of programming.


  • My Kinderhouse Aruba offers a teacher-student ratio of  1:10- 1:12 for its regular program and as such your child will receive the individual attention he/she deserves at this young age.


  • My Kinderhouse Aruba is thought by highly-qualified and caring instructors. Each of our staff have several years of teaching experience in the classroom both in primary as well as preschool settings.

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